The Viral Challenge That Has Bitcoin Twitter Pumped

Straight out of Bitcoin Twitter, where memes are the language and humor is often the currency, one recent challenge has the community flexing more than just their Bitcoin wallets.

The challenge?

A staggering 100 pushups a day, all in the name of reaching the elusive $100K Bitcoin price. As the meme gains traction, so does the enthusiasm of Bitcoiners ready to pump up their gains, both in the market and at the gym.

Bitcoiners from all walks of life, whether seasoned HODLers or newcomers to the space, are embracing the challenge with open arms (and flexed biceps). Screenshots of push-up counters and sweaty workout selfies flooded timelines, creating a communal sense of camaraderie and motivation.

Here are a few of the Bitcoiners that have outwardly proclaimed their commitment to the challenge:










As the pushup counters approach the six-figure mark and Bitcoin approaches this historic price level, the 100K pushup challenge is becoming more than just a meme – it’s becoming a testament to the unity and spirit of the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoiners know how to pump up the fun ;D