REALITY Lyrics by Tip NZ

With great honor, the Pacific Bitcoin team is excited to share the full lyrics to Tip NZ’s powerful song, “REALITY”.

If you thought Tip’s performance at Pacific Bitcoin 2023 was moving (which we definitely do not disagree with), try reading the lyrics over when you have five minutes of peace and solitude – a moment to take it all in, line by line.

Her words remind us of the power of Bitcoin and what is at stake. Truly moving.

Which lines are most impactful to you? 

TIP NZ Live Performance Pacific Bitcoin 2023

REALITY Lyrics by Tip NZ:

With time, a seed becomes a tree, sheltering us
With time, a skill becomes a talent, empowering us
With time, a technology becomes a tool, enhancing us

By nature, time gives value to almost everything
Yet the very thing our society gives value to, our money,
loses value over time
This paradox warps our reality by defying the laws of nature and it stems from the belief that...

A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow
Meaning money must always lose value and we've built our reality off of this model

"Time Value of Money" we call it but in reality this is just dogma
Since we can keep making more of it we end up destroying our own purchasing power

So we put it in stocks
put it in bonds
put it in land
put it in funds
put it in crypto
put it in gold
but we're not oracles so what do we know?

We know that it's hard to get by
We know some people may never retire
Is time value of money a lie since it discounts the monetary value of our time?

If time is money, how are they moving in different directions?
We're working longer for less we end up just giving away our freedom

Give up liberty for policies
Give up our agency to the authorities
Because when our foundation is built on complexity we simplify humans by giving up our humanity

Reality check we've strayed too far from the truth
The world economy's a wreck when 1+1 no longer equals to 2
And if life's created from the truth along the way something got screwed and we let our own dogma subjectify value

When we divorce action from consequence
We defy the law of physics
When we made scarcity infinite
We disregard the language of mathematics

So our systems are built on a fallacy
Our society is based on a fantasy
In the absence of truth, we're living in the shadows of our own reality

And that's the root problem
Man-made rules can be broken
As our trust crumbles so does the progress of our civilization

But one thing remains constant
No one can cheat nature
So why not use it to architect a stronger base layer

The most beautiful buildings are engineered based on these consequences
Natural law drives rigour needed to build something enduring

Uncompromising on principles that accounts for the flaws
Because when our lives are at stake the gravity of truth cannot be ignored

So if our monetary system was designed like structures
it would embody energy and matter so the money itself matters
An unbreakable limit enforced by costliness of creation
ensures the structure holds value for many generations

A rule based system governed by maths builds a transparent ecosystem that can self error correct

With no one in charge no words are taken as fact only work from computation can actualize truth of timestamps

And like water flowing off a cliff down the path of gravity computational energy makes time flow one way only

It is this irreversibility which gives value to our money by upholding consensus and scarcity to create one shared reality

Now the map is the territory
Now we're working with high fidelity
Now money is truthfully time and energy bound by finality
Now we have the ability to manifest each of our dreams
We and build a world that is much more reflective of all of our needs

And that's the purpose of money
Merely a tool to shape our reality
Merely a function to harness and express individuality
Just a way to live freely
Just a means for possibility
Because when we build on integrity we enhance the beauty of humanity

The most beautiful societies are built from diversity of our thoughts that come to life when we're empowered individually

Because when our money tomorrow is worth more than today, we shift from predicting to creating the future ourselves

And when our money grows in value we grow thoughtful in how we use it
Natural law drives rigour needed to fund something enduring

Something truly worth it
Something that pushes the sky's limit
Something only possible now real value and consequence exist in boundless virtual dimensions
Imagine potential creations fuelled by monetary life force lasting for many generations

We will venture into new territories and unleash these possibilities once we learn to embrace the truth of our reality

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