Returning to Nourishment Through Beef and Bitcoin

At Perennial Pastures Ranch, we're on a mission to reconnect people with their ancestral roots through the power of regeneratively grazed beef and the principles of Bitcoin.

Many of us on the team have experienced firsthand the transformative effects of adopting a more ancestral approach to our diets, with grass-fed beef playing a central role in our journey towards optimal health and vitality.

Some of us were once staunch advocates of plant-based diets, believing it to be the best choice for our health and the planet. Others among us consumed meat without much thought to its origin or impact. However, regardless of our past dietary habits, we've all witnessed significant improvements in our energy levels, performance, and overall well-being since incorporating regeneratively grazed beef into our diets.

Our philosophy is simple: by returning to the ancestral foods our bodies were designed to thrive on, we can unlock unparalleled levels of healing and vitality. When animals are allowed to graze on their natural diet of perennial grasses, the result is meat that is not only more nutrient-dense but also environmentally sustainable. Through our regenerative ranching practices, we prioritize the health of the soil, ensuring that both the meat we produce and the land it comes from are enriched with life-giving nutrients.

In contrast to the mass-produced, nutrient-stripped foods perpetuated by the current industrial food system, our approach to beef production represents a radical departure. We reject the notion of "fiat food" – products churned out by conglomerates with little regard for health or sustainability – and instead embrace a way of doing business that aligns with the principles of Bitcoin.

Just as Bitcoin disrupts the centralized control of traditional financial systems, we aim to disrupt the industrial food complex by offering a superior alternative rooted in transparency, integrity, and sustainability. Our commitment to these values extends beyond our farming practices to how we conduct business. We are proud to accept Bitcoin for bulk beef orders, and have plans to expand this option to our Farmer's Market booths in the near future.

By embracing Bitcoin, we're participating in a revolutionary movement towards greater autonomy, freedom, and resilience. Together, let's return to a generation of badass, metabolically nourished human beings who thrive on the ancestral wisdom of our past. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future – one bite of grass-fed beef at a time. 

About The Founder

Our founder Kevin Muno is actually not so different from you. Kevin grew up as an athlete with a dream of being a professional baseball player. As he explored ways he could nourish himself with the most nutrient-dense foods, that’s when he discovered “ancestral eating” and how vital grass-fed beef was for his performance. Although Kevin pivoted from his focus of baseball after facing injury, he became that much more invested in the path of regenerative agriculture after realizing how connected the healing of the earth was to the healing of humanity.