The March of Freedom Continues in El Salvador

On February 3rd, the people of El Salvador went to the polls, and made their voices heard loud and clear. Over 84% of the people voted to give President Bukele another 5-year mandate.

The mainstream media was quick to credit the security situation to the remarkable electoral victory which pulverized the opposition. While this is certainly true, the reason people voted for continuity is because of the newfound freedoms they are enjoying. These freedoms include being able to leave their homes without the fear of gangs, and the freedom to choose their own destiny in a country that is offering opportunities.

Following his electoral victory, President Bukele traveled to Washington D.C. to be the primetime speaker on opening day at CPAC – the largest gathering conference of Conservatives in the United States. At the conference, President Bukele eloquently spoke about the dangers facing America. He issued a warning, saying there are signs that the United States is heading in the direction El Salvador was 50 years ago. Since 2019 El Salvador has been on a new path of security and economic freedom.

One of the dangers President Bukele pointed out is the United States’ financial policy, saying the continued printing of money is not sustainable. Bitcoin fixies this.

Bitcoin’s emission schedule is set in code. It cannot be altered by an FOMC. There are no privileged individuals or groups getting access to a spigot of free money. It is proof of work! Whether you are a multi billionaire or a pleb, both must work equally hard to get bitcoin. It is the most democratic form of money.

We hope the readers visit El Salvador and see these amazing changes for themselves.

About The Author

Damian Merlo

Damian Merlo is Senior Political Advisor of President Bukele.

His professional expertise lies in the links between international business development and governmental relations.

Mr. Merlo is a truly world citizen and global traveler. Damian had professional assignments in more than 30 countries around the globe and has lived in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, Cuba, and the US.