Alyse Killeen

Founder & Managing Partner, Stillmark

Alyse Killeen is the GP and Managing Partner of Stillmark and is focused on the Firm’s investments. With over a decade of experience in identifying and investing in frontier technologies, Alyse founded Stillmark in 2019 to focus on investments in durable innovation in the bitcoin ecosystem. Earlier, in 2013, Alyse entered the bitcoin industry as one of the first institutional investors to study the potential of Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention.

Prior to founding Stillmark, Alyse was on the investment teams of Los Angeles-based venture capital firms Clearstone Ventures Partners and March Capital Partners, concentrated in part on data science, cloud networking, and cybersecurity technologies as they emerged. Alyse has been recognized as a technology and industry expert across various outlets, including Bloomberg, Sky News, CNBC, Forbes and Fortune. ‍

The bitcoin blockchain, bitcoin’s Lightning Network, and alternative bitcoin L2s are applicable across sectors, geographies, and demographic groups. In kind, Alyse organized and manages Stillmark as a generalist fund with specialty competence and expertise in bitcoin technologies. Alyse believes that Stillmark can consistently and sustainably identify large-scale investment opportunities in the private market, across sectors, that are either freshly unlocked or advanced by bitcoin technology and/or bitcoin the digital, bearer asset.