Lyn Alden

Financial Analyst, Lyn Alden Investment Strategy

Lyn Alden is the founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, where she provides financial research to retail and institutional investors. With a background that blends engineering and finance, Lyn focuses on fundamental investing with a global macro overlay, and covers a broad array of asset classes including equities, currencies, commodities, and bitcoin. Previously employed as an electrical engineer and engineering manager for over a decade, Lyn shifted into independent financial research in 2016, with the goal of providing institutional-grade research in plain English for both retail and institutional clients. She has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, CNBC, Fox Business, Business Insider, Morningstar, MarketWatch, and other publications, and has appeared on popular podcasts related to finance and bitcoin, such as the Rebel Capitalist Show, Macro Voices, The Investor's Podcast, and What Bitcoin Did. In 2021, she joined Swan Bitcoin's board of directors as an independent director. Swan Bitcoin offers a variety of services for bitcoiners including recurring purchases, one-time purchases, family office solutions, small business solutions, advisor solutions, bitcoin-related job postings, and a broad swath of bitcoin-related research, media, and education.


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